Chronicles of Amherth

Fodder's Folley

After conquering Talon Keep the party moves on to the next task at hand, rebuilding and preparing for the fast approaching clouds of winter. The set about sending the farmers and men to build an encampment down in the meadow affectionately called Keep Town.

As the men in Keep Town are tilling the fields the shadow of a man flies low over them causing quite the stir. Elfaran, Lobelia, Adelone, Symund, and Fodder take charge in investigating the source of this disturbance. After a couple days of watch they find this anomaly flying toward the cliffs just South of Keep Town.

Fodder set chase up the cliffs to find the source of the aerial terror. He journey brought him 180’ before getting Picasooed. In a daring feat to remedy his predicament he made an impossible leap to a new handhold, missing by digits he found himself dangling from an overhang. 80’ below him lay a ledge offering up it craggy embrace or even worse the valley floor.

As he dangles as a fly caught in a windy web the beast appears. A stag with the wings of an eagle dives in claws first tearing at the defenseless Fodder. Desperately he tears his gear off to made a lasso of sorts to caught in the antler’s of the beast. His attempt fails and he struck again, dropping him to his death on the ledge below.

The rest of the party stands in horror on the valley floor watching. Elfaran calls up his God for help and Lobelia fails her attempt up the cliff. Their efforts were too little too late, they retire back to the Keep to regroup and seek revenge.

They call upon Vashanon to lead them to the cliff top to find the cave of the beast, begrudgingly she takes them. On their way up to the top they come upon a tower caved into the mountain and take note to return some day.
Once arriving at the cave mouth they decide to do some reconnaissance to learn more about the beast. Lobelia volunteers to take the form of a mouse and venture in. On her way to the entrance she is set upon by a hungry tarantula and fiercely battles the beast. The arachnid was vanquished by the magic hands of Adelone and Lobelia continued in.

Inside the cave bodies in all gradients of decay were strewn about. Lobelia sees a male and female creature and a nest of eggs. Stowing herself behind some rocks she throws alchemist fire to drive the beasts out of their layer. The female catches flame and flies out of the cave only to be beset upon by the waiting party.

The male retrieved the only egg that wasn’t destroyed by the flames and dashed out of the lair escaping the waiting adventurers. Leaving behind a ruined nest, bodies in all gradient of decay, and treasure. The most notable were mysterious boots taken by Lobelia, a magnificent periapt adorned on the neck of Elfaran, a shirt of Adamantine chainmail donned by Adelone, and a curious rod gifted to Ardul by Symund. Elfaran and Symund performed last rites on the poor souls in the cave and brought the remains of Fodder down for a proper burial. Interestingly enough Fodder’s heart was missing.

On the way back to the Keep a half-Ruk was encountered, he called himself Uhhgrha and he spoke of his slavers a party of Morhill Humans roaming the hills around the pass. They are dangerous when their emotions are mellow and they work as a collective, but still them up and they become weak. He was cautiously welcomed in to the group.

The sage of the keep called these beast Peryton’s and spoke of them using the hearts of men to help them breed.

Rumors, areas of interest, and events
1. Tower carved into the mountains south of the Keep.
2. Peryton male with one hatching
3. Morrhill humans roving around the pass.



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