Ardul Repera

Human Vannon Warlock


Born to the trade on the docks Uthersberg, the sign above the shop is well worn from the sea breeze but you can still make out_ Lovely Maelstrom Importers & Exporter_. Ardul was taken in by the Lovely Maelstrom shortly after his father, a sailor, died in their service.

He learned the ways of the dock, gambling, sailing, fishing, shipping, and his favorite smuggling. He was skilled in talking his way out of a tight spot and getting goods from one customer to the next while maximizing discretion. It was this talent that led him to his biggest job yet.

The Ruby Lilies (powerful thieve’s guild) had a shipment coming in to port. One of their house wizards had recently acquired it from beyond the breach. The instructions were simple any man handling or being in the vicinity of the cargo had to be deaf. Garret the boss of the Lovely Maelstrom was the only outfit to take the job, all other smugglers didn’t think it passed the smell test.

Garret was a cheap old bastard. He pinched copper so hard that it bled. He was damn good at what he did though and had a reputation as one of the most daring of the smugglers. When he took the job he hired the cheapest hedge-wizard he could find that knew how to temporarily deafen men.

The wizard cast his spell on Ardul and 3 other men. The spell worked on the other men but Ardul was unaffected. As they brought the crate into the warehouse for storage the other men left, but Ardul heard something…He couldn’t shake. There was a calling inside the crate, drawing him in closer. He opened the crate only to find an urn, decorated in battle scenes of a great wizard taming an enormous demon. The urn was also wrapped with a silver rope that tied into an infinity knot on top.

The calling was growing stronger. The infernal sounds of pain begging to be released, offerings of great power to right injustices. Intoxicated with the command Ardul untied and opened the urn.

A great fiend spewed out of the top, stretching, taking it’s physical form after eons trapped. “You have done me a great service young human. For that I will not kill you as I wish to do with those who captured me and were planning to enslave me. Now I give you an offer, kill those who were to retrieve me, kill the wizard be my blade on this mortal plane and I shall give you power no mortal man deserves to accomplish this task.”

Ardul took him up this offer and was filled with the Fiend’s burning rage and thirst for vengeance. “Go my little servant, grow your power for I will call upon you one day to strike down those who have insulted me and my bloodline.”

Ardul fled Uthersberg that night knowing the Ruby Lilies would be out to kill him for his theft of their goods.

Ardul Repera

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