Morhill Human Wizard


A human male of above average height, well kept hair and beard, and piercing eyes with flecks of arcane dancing about his otherwise nondescript iris. He dresses in a the fine cut outfit of a scholar and a heavy cloak. Jewels adorn his hands and head creating the appearance of one of nobility of mark.


Born in the Ruins of Mor and raised by his father, Renolt Forswear, Fercan spent his child hood with his nose in a book. The Ruins of Mor are known to be a treacherous place, the Morrhills a paranoid and magically tainted people are as cautious of outsiders as each other.

In order to survive Fercan took on the magic tradition of his father, Abjuration. He learned at a young age that his people would use many schools of Wizardry for power.

The Conjurers who would summon constructs to do their bidding.
Diviners who believed their insight to the future to safe them from danger. Enchanters who had no qualms with manipulation and enthralling their prey. Evokers madmen hellbent on the quickest route to destruction warped and wrapped up in their own monomaniacal ego.
Illusionists the masters of trickery and deceit, perpetuating the already present sense of paranoia among the Morrhill.
Necromancers the most reviled of the schools, what dies should stay dead never to arise again. Legend holds their cult is to blame for the Ghouls and the Ghoul Lands. Albeit a legend, in the Ruins the distance between legend and reality is rarely farther than the span between thumb and finger.
Transmuters are obsessed with rebuilding the fallen empire. Often ignored as fools obsessed with the past they are often found to be the most reasonable of the Morrhill.
Lastly and least learned the Abjurers. Where others seek power and manipulation, the Abjurers realize the corrupting power of the weave. They seek to neutralize the connection with that weave for the most unstable and to create temporary or permanent zones disconnected from the weave. The Forsworn as they are often called by their peers, have been called on by courts, mayors, and Dukes for their services.

Fercan spent his adolescence helping his father “gentle” casters. He has grown a villainous reputation among the Morhill for his services and a weary acceptance among the noble class.

One evening on a trip to gentle a mad Evoker Renolt and Fercan were ambushed. A battle between the wizards ensued engulfing the village of Hogsbelly and Renolt was slain. Fercan narrowly finished off the Evoker and fled before the rabble of townsfolk could capture him.

He has since taken up his father’s researched and has vowed to purge the lands of those who would abuse magic.


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