Lobelia Crackville-Baggins

Grubby, loud, and uncultured, Lobelia is a child of the Cursed Marsh - a Swamp Hobbit.


Race – Stout Halfling (Swamp)
Class(es) – Druid
Level – 3

Languages – Druidic (swamp dialect), Common (hick dialect)

Goal – get pretty shinies – All of ’em!

Goal – pretty dresses, too.

Goal – ALL the pie!

Goal – Beer. Or cheap wine. Ale in a pinch. Rotgut if there’s nothing else, but she’ll steal beer before drinking rotgut.

Life Goal – Alligator Ranch, Petting Zoo, & Leather shop fun park

Major Flaw – Insane Life Goal


Swamp_Hobbits_BnW.jpgThe Crackville-Bagginses are a distaff and never-mentioned offshoot of the Sackville-Bagginses. Dwelling in a hidden vale in the Cursed Marsh, this family of swamp hobbits exhibit all the worst traits of Halflings. Whether it’s a family legacy or the subtle corruption of the Marsh itself, who can say?

Battle-cry of the Crackville-Bagginses – “Hold M’Beer An’ Watch This!”

Lobelia Crackville-Baggins

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