Mort the Short

A very short bald man, Doctor & (hidden) Wizard


Mort is a very short man who generally wears faded red robes with the sigil of the Burning Canoe, the mark of the healing order of St. Cathexis.

Mort is Not. A. Dwarf., no matter how short he is, and to make that clearer he has removed all of his hair – head, face, even his eyebrows. Without hair his fair skin burns in the sun, so his face is usually hidden underneath his hood.

His familar and companion is a young owlet named Jimsonweed.



Mort grew up in Gallowsweed, a muddy little village on stilts just inside the border of the Cursed Marsh. As a boy he came in contact with a monastery for the monks of the Order of St. Cathexis, and for some time he made his spending money by constructing birchbark canoes for burning in the Order’s rituals.

Eventually it was discovered that Mort had a remarkable propensity toward finding injured animals and nursing them back to life, as well as a near-perfect recollection of and a knack for finding the medicinal plants and herbs of the marshy fens.

Mort was taken into the Order at 14 to be trained as a doctor, but during his first year with the brothers his powers if wizardry began to manifest, first as vivid and sometimes oddly-prescient dreams, then a noisy poltergeist in the rooms nearby, and finally in a miraculous healing that would have seen him ramrodded into the priesthood had it not been covered up by one of the senior monks – a secret wizard himself – who took young Mort under his wing to train in the mysteries of wizardly transmutation, right under the eyes of the Church.

Now trained in the ways of Medicine and Investigation, Mort seeks to learn more of Wizardry and the World, to try to ascertain how everything fits together, while at the same time keeping his new arcane abilities from detection by the Church, which jealously guards its power.

Mort the Short

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