Brother Dorcas

A priest of the healing Order of St. Cathexis, Brother Dorcas is tall and cadaverously thin, black-haired and dark-eyed, with a hooked nose that makes him look like a gaunt vulture.


Goal(s) – to build a new congregation in the Ruined Keep, to heal and minister to its inhabitants, and to spread the story of St Cathexis’ miracles & martyrdom. Converting an adventurer or two would surely raise his status with his superiors in the Church as well, wouldn’t it?


Wearing the brown robes of his order and a heavy medallion with the sigil of the Burning Canoe, the symbol of St Cathexis’ martyrdom and of his own order, Brother Dorcas carries the authority of the mother Church with him. He believes that wizards, sorcerers, and especially warlocks are the servants of evil powers, as the Church teaches. Were he to catch one, you can be sure he’d report it to his superiors.

Brother Dorcas

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