Nerrin Birdsnest

On the cusp of manhood, Nerrin is still all gangly knees and elbows, his shaggy hair rivalling a bird's nest in its disarray


Goal #1 – the care and raising of messenger pigeons for the keep.
Goal #2 – to see to the building of a mews for hawks and falcons, and the eventual position of Hawkmaster.


Nerrin has captured and trained his own falcon, Periwinkle. That and his homemade pigeon coops got him the job, with the possibility of his life’s dream as a Hawkmaster if he can handle the task.


An orphan, Nerrin has no last name, but those who know him jokingly call him “Nerrin Birdsnest” for his constantly-disordered hair, and the name has stuck.

Nerrin Birdsnest

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