Fret Strataxe

Stonemason and Skald, red-bearded Fret is quite young for a dwarf away from his ancestral halls. His braided mustache and copper-red beard don't go even halfway down his chest.


Goal – Fret is in search of “a new sound”, something he’s convinced is to be found in the larger world beneath the sun, rather than the halls and catacombs of his people.


The Strataxe clan comes from the hills around the Cursed Swamp, and are famed (among dwarves, anyway) not only for their finely-forged weapons, but for their musical instruments and the music they make with them as well. Strataxe musical axes & tuned hammers have featured in some of the greatest battles in history. (Dwarven history, that is..)

Stone is his profession, stone is his passion, and stone are his instruments as well, but they sing under his mallet like the finest metal chimes.

(Inquisitor General’s Warning: Dwarven music is an acquired taste!)

Fret has a twin sister, Fuss, who remains at home while he seeks his weird. She was the firstborn of the pair, so she still insists that she’s his “older sister”, but in truth they have a good relationship. While twins are common among dwarvish births, twins of different sexes are rare, and often seen as peculiar or destined for trouble. Fret’s parents would probably be among the first to agree – with both alternatives!

Fret Strataxe

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