Symund Morningmark

Vannon Human Cleric


Born on the fields of battle. Symund’s father a devote follower of Lud the God of War. Symund was baptized in the blood of his enemies and the purified in the campfires of victory. He was destined to marriage with the blade.

As a boy he spent his youth squiring for his father as they went from one campaign to the next. His father belonged to the famed mercenary company The Bronze Dragons. A company hired by nobles to resolve squabbles their mouth caused that their gauntlet couldn’t squash.

Symund had his first taste of battle during the War of Aratyn, the Ruk uprise, when he was 12. The Ruks seeing an opportunity to drive into Calwell after breaching the Callaheim Mountains faced off against the Bronze Dragons and all the might Callaheim could spare.

The battle raged for a week with casualties high on both sides. Symund was separated from his squadron during a stormy night of battle. He held a farmhouse protecting two of his follow soldiers wounded in battle. The search party came upon him as the fog of the morning rose. Revealing a score of dead Ruk and Symund back against the farmhouse with the dragon of Lud on his neck. Earning him the title Morningmark, for being touched by his God.

Shortly after the Ruk uprise the Bronze Dragons were forced to separate as the nobles began to worry about their power. Most continued to be hired sword or joined the church. Symund was born in battle and marked for duty by his patron, he will continue to find wars worth fighting until his final breath. So he struck out to find the mysteries of the land and where the winds of war would blow him.

Symund Morningmark

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