Chronicles of Amherth

The Taking of Talon: 1, 2, 3.

Talon Keep overlooks Talonvale and butts up against the Talonpeaks at the western entrance to the Scarlet pass.

Our band made their way from Leandra’s Row all the way to the keep. Leaving the farmers and craftsmen in the care of the rest of the band, Mort, Jaevin, Ardno, Adelone and Pathased journeyed to the keep.

Initially just a reconnaissance operation, the group decided to infiltrate the keep from the rear in the middle of the day, only to discover a highly disciplined and capable team of red skinned Ruk led by a powerful champion and an allied manticore. The battle quickly started to turn against the team and while it was close, they decided to use discretion and run while they had a chance.

They quickly recovered, though, and set up a ruse to draw the Ruk out using numerous campfires to make it seem like they were a larger force than they really were. By the following morning, the Ruk had fled and the team was able to take over the keep.

The team wanted to make sure — and carefully plumbed the depths of the dungeon finding mostly dust in the finished sections. But, as their exploration wrapped up, they realized something had been stalking them… a massive black ooze attacked them from above. It was acidic and immune to damage from cold or slashing weapons. The party struggled to finish off the creature — each time they damaged it significantly, it split into two smaller members. Finally, after both Jaevin and Pathased fell to it, Ardul cast the final spell destroying the creature.

Talon Keep was theirs.



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