Forest Gnome Druid


Born in the forests nestled between the Calleheim Mountains and the Ruklands Raffold had a pretty normal childhood for a Forest gnome. He was raised in a den under a mighty oak sharing their space with the family sigil the badger. The village ,Oakburrow, he lived in had a couple other families each with their own animal partnered with their house. All was well until one fall evening when the Ruks came. During the fall known as the War of Aratyn when the Ruks drove as deep into Calwell as ever. They stormed through Oakburrow killing as many as they could reach and driving the rest to flee. Raffolk and his sister Thanissa survived the carnage being defended by the house badger and made their way to the Willow Valley.

Thanissa was kidnapped by bandits near Rock River Hills, leaving a young Raffolk all alone. One of his many nights aimlessly wandering toward Willow Valley, hungry, cold, and thirsty a badger appeared before him. The spirit of the badger that had protected his family for generations took Raffolk on a vision quest to learn the secrets of his family, the secrets of the druids. It ended with a live badger appearing before him and a knife in his hand. He sacrificed the badger for food and clothing in so doing sealed his being with that of the badger and the earth. Promising to avenged his homeland and to protect all the lands from the scourged that is the Ruks. Raffolk turned to the Willow Valley to continue his attunement with nature and prepare himself for the the journey the winds would blow him toward.


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